La personalizzazione nella didattica universitaria

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The personalization of learning and educational processes in general, places the human being at the centre with a vision of lifelong education that becomes not only the purpose of these processes, but also the perspective of each methodology. Personalized learning takes place when each of us becomes master of our own learning and to make this happen, teachers and students have to change their roles. Personalizing means getting every man to grow up according to what he is or what he has realized as a person and that he must be ennobled because he achieves the excellence that is his own. In order to be able to plan an educational action at the university that makes the realization of all personal potentials possible, one must therefore take into account as objectively as possible all the variables that can contribute to the empowerment of learning. The relationship between personalized learning and higher education and the one between personalization of learning and metacognition processes presume an adequate reflection on the importance of the centrality of the person and on the value of the fundamental characteristics of the concept of a person. From this, some guidelines derive to realize a personalized education that for instance integrates with the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) model.
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