La partita del diritto penale nell’epoca dei “drone-crimes”

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What space should be given to Italian jurisdiction and criminal law in cases of targeted killings via dronesand collateral damages occurring within the framework of the so-called Global War on Terror, waged by theTerrorismo Terrorismo TerrorismSicurezza informatica, compliance e prevenzione del rischio di reatoSeguridad informática, compliance y prevención del riesgo de delitosIT Security, Compliance and Crime Prevention2/2019 305US in third countries? In the light of the ever more frequent use of armed drones as highly technological anddepersonalizing weapons in the fight against terrorism, I will try to verify whether and how criminal law can walkthroughout the rubble of drone strikes: after some brief remarks about the drone's nature and its "profitable"employment in the supranational context, the existence of Italian jurisdiction with respect to drone strikes willbe discussed, especially in the light of the growing use of Sigonella as a stationing and operating base for USdrones and of Italy’s "secret" cooperation in the "fight against terror". Subsequently, issues relating to the socalled “secret of State” and the authorities’ refusal to disclose operative policies will be tackled, such as both oldand new obstacles to the formulation of the imputations and to the individuation of the responsibilities. Finally,will be trying to providing readers with conceptual keys to understand how criminal-law categories – such asjustifications and culpability, as well as the proper identification of the authors of the crimes arising from aparticular targeted killing – can adapt to such new reality.
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