La negoziazione dei significati nell’intervista sociolingustica: dinamiche interazionali e influenze contestuali nei dati dell’Atlante Linguistico della Sicilia

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In this article I discuss some interactional aspects regarding the relationbetween the participants in the sociolinguistic interview. In particular, I show howinterviewers and interviewees work together in order to co-construct the (socio)linguisticdata. In this perspective, I analyse the ways in which the participants makeobservable to each other their interactional roles through the interview. Moreover,I focus on the relation between the individuals taking part in the interview and theinvisible, yet influential members of the research group. I show how the latter mayaffect the interactional moves of the former, but also how participants account for theresearch group’s role.The analysis confirms that the linguistic data are not pre-existing objects readyto be collected. This means that interviewer and interviewee are not, respectively,a ‘phonic machine’ and a ‘source of information’. Rather, the interview is the discursivespace where linguistic data are created. The data presented in this articlecome from audio recordings of the interviews of the sociolinguistic section of theLinguistic Atlas of Sicily. In particular, I focus on questions regarding the languageuses of the speakers, their attitude about Italian and Sicilian and the code choice duringthe interview.
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