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Some specific characters of the first year’s laboratories of architectural design produced the national coordination proposed by myself. This activity has a double origin. On the one hand, the coordination carried out by Professor Pasquale Culotta in University of Palermo in the 90’s, after the university reform and, on the other hand, the publishing initiative titled “Atlante della Progettazione architettonica” promoted by Riccardo Palma and Carlo Ravagnati, Professors of the Polytechnic of Turin. Culotta’s coordination established the relation between different disciplines of the same year of study; the book edited by Palma and Ravagnati is parted in the sections designing with texts, designing with sites, designing with references, designing and composing; it allowed a national comparison through some exercises. On the base of these experiences, in its second year of activities (2016-2017), the national coordination “Incipit Lab.” involved as many laboratories from different Italian universities in a project in Favignana (Trapani) as possible.The choice of a single place of study allowed to compare the results of the courses. Among those, in July 2017, there was the exhibition edited by professors Visconti and Capozzi. It showed a proved method where the project is a deep exploration of paradigmatic examples that are very useful in the first year degree course. The interaction between the architecture and the place lets students measure, with a critical distance, the validity of immutable architectural and urban principles.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteForme dell’abitare e forme dello spazio pubblico. Progetti per Favignana tra terra e mare
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