La guerra rivoluzionaria di Sicilia. Costituzione,controrivoluzione, nazione 1799-1848.

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From Sicily came the most radical and violent critique of the Bourbon dynastyto repeatedly question not only the legality of the crown, but alsoits own legitimacy. In the reformist attempt, the day after the congressVienna, to move from a particular dynastic loyalty to a state onenational, the Bourbons found the clear opposition of the island.Moving with ease within the field of forces createdfrom the experiment of the Bourbon administrative monarchy, the ruling classesIslanders will be able to exploit and maximize material resourcesand symbolic that the new state put at their disposal. The accumulationof this very modern political capital will allow the Sicily to challenge the Bourbons on more and more advanced positions passing from the constitutionalism to nationalism, until the civil war and extinctionof the monarchy
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2014

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