La fides e la promessa: forme di reciprocità tra dèi e uomini nella riscrittura di Ovidio

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In the Ovidian reworking of Greek myths, several cases emerge, in which the relationships between human beings and gods are rewritten in the light of the Roman notion of fides. If almost all of these myths, in which the god promises to the human actor a pledge, a gift or a privilege, are justified by a love connection, a parental or a devotional bond, a special case is represented by the story of Numa Pompilius and Jupiter (Fast. 3. 285-392) – that is, a Roman myth – in which the human agent deserves the pignora certa from the god and he establishes a reciprocal relationship with him. The paper aims to investigate this representation of fides pollicita through the comparison with other Ovidian tales of fides and promises, partially similar: specifically, the story of Bacchus and Midas (Met. 11. 85-135) and the myth of the Anius’ daughters (Met. 13. 640-674), both recoded under the cultural category of fides.
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