La difficile costruzione della chiesa nuova nell'abbazia di San Martino delle scale: contrasti, testimonianze, perizie (1576-1598)

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From 1561 in the Benedictine abbey of San Martino delle Scale, near Palermo, was undertaken the construction of a new church, completed and inaugurated only in 1602. Archival records give information on the main steps of the difficult building process, developed in several stages which see the succession of different associations of master builders at the top of the site. Depositions, memorials and reports, presented and discussed between 1576 and 1598 in legal litigations brought by monks in respect of the master builders, offer interesting ideas for a broader reflection on the subject of the expertise. In the space of little more than twenty years, the different nature of the disagreements and problems arisen during construction led to the request and processing of expertise. These were of a different nature, both for the causes and purposes, and for the methods applied. First of all, appraisals and the related measurements, essentially aiming to obtain quantitative data, affected the work of the master builders Paolino Gagio and his partners. In the subsequent stage of the construction work, entrusted to the master builders Paolo Conforto and Francesco Ciaramitaro, were drawn up more complex opinions, mainly focusing on technical issues and supported by more in-depth analysis of the building, essentially based on careful observation of the same.
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