La consapevolezza professionale del docente: resilienza e autoregolazione.

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The contribution is part of the Project of Relevant National Interest (PRIN, 2010/2011) entitled "Training success, inclusion and social cohesion: innovative strategies, ICT and evaluation models" (National Scientific Coordinator of the Research Prof. Gaetano Domenici), with particular reference to the self-assessment of the teacher's awareness.Self-regulation is the process that, using self-assessment tools, allows us to adopt more effective behaviors in personal and professional life. The awareness of the purpose to be pursued promotes the ability to make choices and make decisions and, consequently, strengthens the conviction of possessing the necessary skills, the indispensable tools and action schemes to achieve the goals set. The conscious identification of resolutive strategies requires the ability to know how to apply a wide range of knowledge and high thinking skills, to know how to "act-thinking", demonstrating what we actually do with what we know.In the research carried out during the academic year 2014/15, we set out to analyze and measure the professional awareness of a group of 900 Sicilian teachers; we wanted to evaluate the relationship between the level of resilience and metacognitive awareness. At the same time, we have been able to validate three self-assessment tools, administered using the LIME platform: M.A.I. Metacognition Awareness Inventory (Schraw & Hope Dennison, 1994, Italian adaptation of A. La Marca, 2015), A.L.M. Awareness of Learning and Metacognition (by A. La Marca, 2014); RPQ Resilience Process Questionaire (Laudadio, A., Fiz Perez, F.J., Mazzocchetti L. 2011; adaptation of A. La Marca, M. Festeggiante and S. Schiavone, 2014).After a brief description of the results, obtained in the scales that make up the validated tools, we will also examine the outcomes of the focus groups conducted with 342 teachers, identified among those who had more years of service, in order to describe the ways in which the self-assessment tool of their professional awareness represented for them a real opportunity for reflection, problematization and comparison. Finally, in the general discussion of the results some indications will be presented for future research on teacher awareness.
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