La conquista è un sostantivo femminile. Donne e avventura coloniale dell'Italia liberale del Corno d'Africa

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Among the most and deliberately removed aspects of our colonial adventure, there is on that concerns the involvement and role of women in the colonial adventure as well as the attitude adopted by the Italians (of both sexes) towards colonized women. If Italian women, initially excluded, were later invited to export family values overseas, state propaganda, photography, songs, advertising, film productions, literature and scientific discourses, for their part, have conveyed at rhetoric of gender that has commodified the indigenous women as sexual prey, and, in a second moment, demonized them by reversing perspectives and stereotypes.The image of the black woman was a flexible, and multiform metaphor, susceptible of assuming all the profiles that the colonizer wanted to attribute to them. In the pre-fascist colonial literature, generally speaking, woman is considered and described as a mere object of pleasure and perdition and often also as a natural component of local fauna.The submission and possession of a woman, almost always described as wild, represents, in fact, the metaphor of the conquest of Africa. In literature, as well as in propaganda, the discourse developped around the indigenous people of the colonized countries is not homogeneous, reflecting the changes that politics has adopted towards the conquered territories.
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