La Chiesa Madre a Gibellina. Quarant'anni dal progetto alla realizzazione

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The Mother-Church designed in 1971 by Ludovico Quaroni and Luisa Anversa is part of the Gibellina completion program. The town was rebuilt ex novo after the 1968’s earthquake in a river valley which had been until then uninhabited. This architecture rep- resents an essential component to give urban meaning and identity to New Gibellina, a fundamental principle of settlement which would build a hierarchy between the buildings and valued open spaces.The entire focus of the parish and, in the designers’ intentions of the city, is the spherical dome of the building. The absolute monumentality given to this element is the key architectural principle and, at the same time, one of the factors that have fuelled a debate on the liturgical work. Emerging as the highest building on the hill, the Mother Church, is the symbol of rebirth and expresses con dence in the future on which New Town is based. The challenge is to actually carry out this utopia. The interest lies in how the idea is realized and how the various layers are contaminated through time. The architectural project is the most suitable means of knowledge to consider the signi cance of the intentions and the friction concerning the facts. The development of a proposal for intervention in continuity with the cultural process of “humanization” of the city, promoted by Corrao and implemented by Quaroni, Samona et al, tenses the terms of the issue and builds up the thread of reason- ing described in this book.
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