La casa Ipertestuale - Stanze e spazio-soglia

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Rooms and thresholds-spaceThe essay describes the results of an experience of seminar / extracurricular workshop, held in Palermo in 2005 (with the title: "Futura. How we will live tomorrow"). The methaphor of hypertext, often used by architects, philosophers and urban planners to describe the contemporary condition of the metropolis, is especially effective to represent the idea of home we have investigated, because some of its essential qualities can immediately be found on new ways of living. Within the more general theme of the "hypertextual" house, the experimentation direct by Emanuele Palazzotto intended to explore some possibilities of structuring new dwelling space, which result from disruption of the traditional hierarchical configurations, working on the metaphor of the relational fabric of the network. According to this meaning of hypertextual house, the room recovers its role as the minimum reference unit, independent living cell, polysemic and varied; it stands as the individuality space, the center around which the existential space of the individual organizes itself.The exploration was conducted following a conception of hypertextual house that does not look for its own reasons in the technological equipments (of which it also takes advantage), but in the system of spatial relationships that can be established between the elementary components of the house (in every eventual temporary conformation), with the city and / or with the more extensive external environment. The methods of composition adopted have also guaranteed the use of simple building systems and / or prefabbricabili, the application of energy self-sufficiency systems from renewable sources and the proper management of the internal microclimate, giving to the skin and to the roofs the role of effective environmental interface.
Lingua originaleEnglish
Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteAbitare il Futuro...dopo Copenhagen; Inhabiting the future... after Copenhagen
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2010

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