La Casa a peristilio 1 di Monte Iato: considerazioni per una nuova ipotesi ricostruttiva

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The Peristyle House 1 at Monte Iato is one of the most important and better published hellenistichouses of the whole Sicily. The most debated problem concerning this house is its chronology. Several scholars,pointing their attention to different aspects (architectonic details, chronology of the finds, or historicalconsiderations), have discussed the datation of the house in the years around 300 B.C. suggesting a laterdate. Since the opposite theories are based on the same elements rather than to add some considerations to“solve” this problem I will consider the articulation of the house itself: as reconstructed by the editors it isnot less problematic. I will propose an alternative aspect of the house, verifying if these different solutionsare significant in terms of the History of Architecture and if they could be considered relevant for the house’schronology. I will discuss some of the many aspects of the imagine of the house given by its editors I considerdoubtful or not the only possible. First, I will suggest an alternative hypothesis about the location ofthe staircase connecting the first and the second level of this big two-storey house. What could be consideredjust a technological problem contains a great significance in terms of general interpretation of the functionof the two levels of this house and could suggest some considerations about its owners. I would like to discussthe methodological approach that conducted to some conclusions concerning the peristyle height and thenumber of columns of the second floor with their consequences on the volume of the house and its shape andarticulation. I will also suggest some ideas about the
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteL'Architettura greca in Occidente nel III secolo a.C. Atti del Convegno di Studi. Pompei-Napoli 20-22 maggio 2015
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