La buona morte di Filippo iv e la proclamazione del suo successore. Un modello di comunicazione in età barocca

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In the early modern age, the importance attributed by the society of the time to the funeral ritual brought the attention of scholars to funerary practices and to the ephemeral apparatuses commissioned to court artists, with the succession of numerous studies that analyzed the phenomenon under various points of view, often finding a territorial contextualization of the ephemeral production, scrupulously examining the funeral ceremonies of the Spanish monarchy: The treatment of bodies, embalming, the dress of the monarchs, the type of burial, the funeral procession, the burning chapels or the ways of showing pain.A common commitment begins to appear from the series of beautiful deaths, whether they happen in a convent or at court. The most edifying examples are to be found in convents - the death of whose "grown-ups" is only a variation of this model -, in religious who died in the odor of sanctity. The purpose is to perform an exemplary show for the benefit of the laity, loosening the concentration on the instant of death. It is no longer the moment in which everything and everything is played out, between salvation and damnation.
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