L’impeto de l’animo al vincere e l’ardore de la mente a la gloria. Il governo di Don Ferrante Gonzaga (1535-1546), tra opere pubbliche e committenza privata

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The ten-year government of Ferrante Gonzaga (1535-1546) marks a crucial time in the process of the modernization of the fortifications of Sicily. Although during his rule political and military appointments several times kept him away from the Island, his government action was strongly directed to the implementation of the defensive structures. It also involved other aspects of the public works, ranging from water supply to the construction of bridges. As a consequence of the importance and the long duration of the appointment of viceroy of Sicily, the search for comfort and representativeness inspired the works commissioned for his own official residencies (Castellamare in Palermo and the Royal Palace of Messina), as well as the construction of a private villa in the proximity of Palermo.This contribution traces a general framework of the role played by Ferrante Gonzaga as a client of architectural works in Sicily, both in the private and public sphere, also including celebrations and feasts and the support to religious institutions. The intertwining of data already discussed in previous research and publications, with those – most of them unpublished - inferable from the Lettere viceregie, kept in the State Archive of Palermo, allows to shed new light on the subject also offering new perspectives for future investigations.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteLa Sicilia dei viceré nell'età degli Asburgo (1516-1700) : la difesa dell'isola, le città capitali, la celebrazione della monarchia
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