Kinetic properties of a nucleoside phosphotransferase of chick embryo

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A nonspecific nucleoside phosphotransferase (nucleotide : 3'-deoxynucleotide 5'-phosphotransferase, EC, purified from chick embryos, catalyzes the transfer of phosphate ester from a nucleotide donor to a nucleoside acceptor. 2. The enzyme exhibits sigmoidal kinetics with respect to nucleoside monophosphate donors, but with respect to nucleoside di- or triphosphate donors and nucleoside acceptors hyperbolic kinetics were obtained. 3. The nucleoside phosphotransferase of chick embryo is unstable to heat and is protected from inactivation by a large number of nucleosides. 4. Nucleoside di- and triphosphates lower both the concentration of nucleoside monophosphates required for half-maximal velocity and the kinetic order of reaction measured with these phosphate donors. On the contrary, nucleoside di- or triphosphate do not modify the kinetic parameters evaluated for nucleoside acceptors. 5. We suggest that the nucleoside phosphotransferase contains both substrate and regulatory sites. It seems that the free apoenzyme is converted, by means of cooperative interactions between regulatory sites, into an enzyme-nucleotide complex, which is particularly stable at 37 degrees C.
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