Jobs Act e tutela contrattuale della persona: un'involuzione?

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The need to adapt to the economic system promoted by theEuropean Union generated a wave of reform in the field of labor lawthat invested Italy and France. This essay explores the impact of theItalian Jobs Act on the contractual protection of the worker. Inparticular: i) the weakening of the concept of the employment relationshipas a tool for the realization of the worker understood as botha human being and a professional; and ii) the emphasis given to theprotection against discriminations. The focus on the latter representsthe link with the French reform and creates the premises for theauthor’s considerations and questions on the idea of the human beingpromoted by the European Union: whether it exalts libertarian individualism,or rather safeguards the traditional relational concept ofthe person inserted in a community.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2016

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