Jaume ultimo conte di Urgell: eco di una ribellione nella documentazione siciliana

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When Martin the Human died on 31 May 1410 without any direct legitimate descendants, the problem arose of electing a new sovereign for the Crown of Aragon. The initially large number of candidates for the throne was reduced to two: the Infante of Castile Ferdinand of Trastámara and Count Jaume de Urgell, theoretically the most accredited pretender. Instead, it was Ferdinand who became king, an election that was seen on the island as the end of local unrest. The news of the capture of the Count of Urgell soon became known to the Sicilians, as attested by a group of letters contained in the city documentation. The essay reconstructs the complex political and human story of the rebel Jaume, destined to die in exile.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteMedioevo e Mediterraneo: incontri, scambi e confronti. Studi per Salvatore Fodale
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