iTunes U: sperimentare la flipped nella formazione iniziale degli insegnanti

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The flipped classroom is a reversal of the traditional teaching method: what was done in the classroom and at home is turned over. In fact, flipped is a blended mode that exploits all of the potentiality of mobile devices, skills and attitudes of new generations of students. There is a shift in focus on the student, who is at the center of the teaching-learning process; consequently the time in the classroom is rethought to explore the topics in more depth and to create richer learning opportunities. The research path is divided into two phases: the first phase was completed and concluded in academic year 2015-16 and the second phase will take place in ay. 2016-17. During the academic year 2015-16, within the course of Educational Technologies for 310 students of Primary Education Sciences of the University of Palermo, some didactic activities were built and experimented with flipped that favor the development of cognitive, motivational and metacognitive processes. At the end of each module, checks were carried out on the degree of achievement of the training objectives that had been proposed to be achieved using, with appropriate adaptation, the assessment tools built in the previous months. At the end of the first year of research, an iTunes U course is ready (currently available for first year students of the degree course in Primary Education); the materials to be tested with the flipped, with the related verification tests; some initial, intermediate and final assessment tools for the students who will take part in the educational experimentation in the ay. 2016-17.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteModelli pedagogici e pratiche didattiche per la formazione iniziale e in servizio degli insegnanti
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2017

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