Santina Cottone, Emilio Nardi, Giuseppe Mule', Anna Carola Foraci, Francesco D'Ignoto, Massimiliano Morreale

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Introduction: Dilatation of aortic root is associated withpresence and severity of aortic regurgitation and risk foraortic dissection. Recent studies performed in generalpopulation suggest that enlarged aortic root diameter(ARD) may predict cardiovascular events in absence ofaneurysmatic alterations. Little is known about the influenceof renal function on ARD.Aim: To assess the relationships between glomerular filtrationrate (GFR) and ARD in hypertensive subjects.Methods: We enrolled 611 hypertensive individuals (meanage: 52 ± 15 years; men 63 %) consecutively attendingour outpatient nephrology and hypertension unit. Patientson dialysis treatment, with valvulopathy more than mild,bicuspid aortic valve, previous cardiovascular events andgenetic aortic diseases were excluded. All the subjectsunderwent echocardiography. ARD was measured at thelevel of Valsalva’s sinuses by M-mode tracings, under twodimensionalcontrol. In line with the PAMELA study,ARD, ARD indexed to body surface area (ARD/BSA) andto height (ARD/H) were considered increased when theyexceeded 3.8 cm, 2.1 cm/m2, 2.3 cm/m in men and 3.4 cm,2.2 cm/m2, 2.2 cm/m in women, respectively. GFR wasestimated by the CKD-EPI equation.Results: Estimated GFR (eGFR) was lower in subjectswith values of ARD, ARD/BSA and ARD/H above the sexspecificcut-offs when compared to those with normalaortic root size (all p\0.0001). eGFR correlated significantlywith ARD (r = -0.17), ARD/BSA (r = -0.43) andARD/H (r = -0.40; all p\0.001). The associations ofeGFR with ARD/BSA (b = -0.23) and ARD/H (b = -0.17; all p\0.001) held in linear multiple regressionanalyses, after adjustment for various confounding factors.Conclusions: Our study seems to suggest that a reducedrenal function may adversely influence ARD. This maycontribute to explain the enhanced cardiovascular riskassociated with renal insufficiency.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2015

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