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The foods, places and occasions of their consumptionthey are therefore means, spaces and elective times of themediation between immanence and transcendence, between alhere and beyond, and, at the same time, elective moments ofrecreation and affirmation of a social body; isin truth there can be no dialogue between immanenceand transcendence and the entities that populate them withoutthat food and its ritualized consumption do notare a constitutive part.On these shared anthropological awareness,that they found within each culturea specific articulation linked to: specificationsenvironmental conditions that have certainly affecteddiets; to peculiar identity challengeswhich led to non food choicesfunctional to life contexts (but not for this,feeding on the man also of symbols, lessnecessary for survival); to detailsrepresentations of the divine and its areas ofintervention, as the contributions to this showconference, the relationship was founded for millenniabetween men and gods and between men and men and, albeitto some extent and in increasingly limited contexts,still today it continues to be founded.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteIl sacro pasto: le tavole degli uomini e degli dèi : atti del Convegno internazionale, Noto, 26-28 ottobre 2017
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