Introduction of a system for choosing and placing the anterior teeth of complete dentures.

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Aim: The correct choice and placement of artificial teeth play an important role for the success when a patient is rehabilitated with a complete denture; so most of the issue of the esthetics of a complete denture depends on the correct tooth position and the right choice of the artificial anterior teeth.The aim of this poster is to introduce a new system, Dental Veneers Selection Form, (Dental VSF) (registered in: European Patent Bulletin. EP2759278 Device and methods for manufacturing dental prostheses. 31/2014: 204. Available at for choosing and positioning artificial teeth in the anterior region of complete dentures. Methods: The Dental VSF system is a system consisting of 18 maxillary and 6 mandibular anterior molds. The molds differ, exactly like the traditional ones present on the market, in size and shape. The peculiarity of the system is that the six teeth of each mold are represented by veneers, with intact incisal edges, and they are connected to each other on the lingual surface by a fiber that allows to each veneer some degree of movement. During the esthetic and phonetic test it’s possible to choose the most suitable mold in size and form, and, after removing the anterior wax rim, from canine to canine, to place the chosen mold, to give the desired overjet and overbite, to change the tilt of a singular tooth for individualizing the denture with some characterization. After the aesthetic and phonetic test, the technician makes a silicon template in order to record all the information sent by the dentist and in order to be able to place the teeth of the dental mold corresponding to that chosen with the Dental VSF system. Results: The Dental VSF system allows the dentist to not delegate the choice of most suitable mold to the dental technician, but to choose it directly on the face of the patient, trying on the different ones without having to work the heated wax. Moreover, the system allows to involve directly the patient about the shape and size of the teeth, and also about the overbite and any individual characterizations. The use of the Dental VSF system may be extended to implant supported dentures and to CAD-CAM technology: the assembly may be scanned and the scanned image may be used to design a screw-retained denture or a Toronto bridge.Conclusions : The Dental VSF can be an useful system to try simply the anterior maxillary and mandibular molds, different in shape and size, and at the same time to change the buccal-palatal inclination of each tooth.
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