Intercultural Project

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The design project for Villard17 has as its main theme inversion of looks/landings, migration,hospitality, interculture. The architecture of the new urban centre aims to address the issue of creation of a new functional center of Naples on one hand and the issue of migration on the other, both of great relevance in the Mediterranean area nowadays.The steep landform of the Ciano area_theme1 implies the facilities required by PRG could be obtained by soil modelling. The market and the the sports centre constitute in fact an “inhabited” terrace characterized by irregular shape which moves back where the main axes of Bagnoli become parallel, leaving space for squares which are meant as a point ofmeeting, exchange, in a constant reference to the coast and the Gulf islands.The project for Viale Giochi del Mediterraneo_theme1 area redesigns, along the main axis, the irregular lot with a designed facade that creates a new infrastructure meant as socializing spacethrough the relocation of residences and public spaces. The project, starting from the verge, is a plastic element, a breaking block, partly transparent, which incorporates a part of the parkdesigned for the masterplan, that you can cross, and that develops an urban community space.The project for the area of Viale Giochi del Mediterraneo_theme2 reconfigures the irregularly shaped area, through the identification of public and cultural activities for three religions. Thearchitecture (a mosque, synagogue and church) is oriented towards the sacred directions of the related cults, with a market connected to a former school building, converted into a hotelfor refugees, and that, pwinding, divides the lot into two parts, a courtyard square and a citrusgarden.Through design experience of the three areas, design performed by Maria Chiara Camarda(area1_theme1), Martina Lo Re (area2_theme1 ), Luigi Savio Margagliotta (area2_theme2) and coordinated by Adriana Sarro and Luigi Pintacuda, the designers attempted to address theurban theme through axis reconfiguration (converted into linear park) given by the union ofthe Viale Giochi del Mediterraneo and Viale della Liberazione, and the social one of hospitality, of great relevance in a multiethnic city like Naples.project supervisors: Adriana Sarro, Luigi Pintacuda
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