Intellettuali siciliani fascisti e antifascisti

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Once the empire was over, with the fascist conquest of Ethiopia in 1936, imperialists had to be done. To drag the country into this miraculous palingenesis, fascism strengthened its alliance with the Church, emancipated itself from the diarchy with the Crown, concentrated military command on itself, sought a new constitutional formula of the State that would allow it to "last", he set up the project of a new state of the regions, started the legal system of racist and anti-Semitic inequality, abandoned what remained of the legality of the Statute replacing it with the principle of the will of the leader, tried to return to radical origins by assaulting the latifundium and finally set off on a new world war by breaking with the League of Nations, with the allies of the Great War, to move to a steel pact with the enemy of the time but now faithful ally: Nazi Germany.The Sicilian intellectuals, to whom the pages of this work are dedicated, threw themselves body and soul into this political and cultural enterprise, presenting themselves as the true interpreters of the new imperial Italy: creators of public opinion, capable of cultural hegemony, able to absolve to the task of organic intellectuals of the fascist party.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteI Siciliani nella resistenza
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