Integrazione di celle solari di terza generazione nel vetromattone per la realizzazione di involucri edilizi traslucidi fotovoltaici

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The integration of third generation Dye-sensitised Solar Cells (DSSC) with the glassblock allowsto obtain a building product able to produce clean energy, customizable in terms of colours,transparency levels and fi nishing, for the assembly of multifunctional, translucent and photovoltaicbuilding components, which can be easily integrated for the construction of energy effi cient andactive building envelopes also in adverse climate areas, such as the Mediterranean and subtropicalzones. The paper illustrates 4 different hypotheses of integration of the DSSC with the glassblockand for each provides an evaluation of photovoltaic production and energy performance (thermaland optical). The aspects related to the dry assembly system of the DSSC-integrated glassblocks forthe construction of the photovoltaic building components will also be illustrated, together with someconsiderations about the necessity of rethinking photovoltaic at the prospect of building integration.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2013

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