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The building energy requirements come from the amount of energy needed for heating, cooling and lighting. Some of the researches in this field aim to discover new renewable energy, while others are focused on the consumptions reduction through the improvement of building envelope energy efficiency and through to the enhancement of Hvac per- formances. All these researches are trying to make building energy consumption in the operational phase more efficient, considering their Operating energy (Oe).Additionally, while designing a Nzeb, it is necessary to choose and use materials, components and technologies that allow to reduce the consumption of energy and also to reduce the emissions in the atmosphere during all the Lca phases. Such researches measure and evaluate the Embodied energy (Ee) and Embodied carbon (Ec), which rep- resent the total amount of primary energy used and carbon dioxide emitted during all the phases of the building life-cycle
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteCluster in progress. La Tecnologia dell’architettura in rete per l’innovazione/The Architectural technology network for innovation
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