Innovative ready to use carrier-bacteria devices for bioremediation of oil contaminated water

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Bioremediation, that uses microorganisms to remove environmental pollutants, is the best way of restoringthe environment due to its low cost and sustainability. Immobilization of microorganisms capable ofdegrading specific contaminants significantly promotes bioremediation processes. An innovative ready touse bioremediation system to clean up oil-contaminated water was developed immobilizing highlyperformant marine and soil HC degrading bacteria, on biodegradable oil-absorbing carriers. Two soilActinobacteria (Gordonia sp. SoCg, Nocardia sp. SoB) and two marine Gammaproteobacteria (Alcanivoraxsp. SK2, Oleibacter sp.5), were immobilized on biopolymeric membranes prepared by electrospinning(polylactic acid, PLA and polycaprolactone, PCL). These carriers are characterized by high uptake capacity,oil retention, buoyancy, durability, reusability and recoverability of the oil absorbed. The morphology of thecarriers and microbial adhesion and proliferation were evaluated using scanning electron microscopy (SEM).A high capacity of adhesion and proliferation of bacterial cells was observed on membranes after 5 days. Thebioremediation efficiency of the carrier-bacteria systems was tested on crude oil by GC-FID analysis andcompared whit planktonic cells. The bacterial immobilization on PLA and PCL membranes was apromoting factor for biodegradation, increasing hydrocarbon removal up to 20%, in respect to planktoniccells. Biofilm-mediated bioremediation is a versatile tool to be developed for in situ and ex situbioremediation of aquatic systems. Several applications can be designed to exploit both the high oil uptakecapacity of the carriers, and the biodegradation potential of autochtonous microrganisms and/or of selectedmicroorganisms that are immobilized on the carriers before exposure to the contaminated site.
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