Influence Of The Electrical Parameters On The Fabrication Of Copper Nanowires Into Anodic Alumina Templates

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Metallic copper nanowires have been grown into the pores of alumina membranes by electrodepositionfrom an aqueous solution containing CuSO4.and H3BO3 at pH 3. In order to study the influence of theelectrical parameters on growth and structure of nanowires, different deposition potentials (both in theregion where hydrogen evolution reaction is allowed or not) and voltage perturbation modes (constantpotential or unipolar pulsed depositions) were applied. In all cases, pure polycrystalline Cu nanowireswere fabricated into template pores, having lengths increasing with the total deposition time. Thesenanowires were self-standing, because they retain their vertical orientation and parallel geometry evenafter total template dissolution.However, the electrical parameters influence the growth rate, length uniformity and crystal size of thenanowires. Continuous electrodeposition resulted in higher growth rates but less uniform lengths ofnanowires grown inside different membrane pores, whilst a square pulse deposition produced a slowergrowth but quite uniform lengths. Also the grain size, of the order of 50 nm, was slightly influenced bythe potential perturbation mode.
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