Indagini multidisciplinari e ricostruzione virtuale: il caso di studio del Teatro Nord di Hierapolis di Frigia (Turchia)

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The contribution concerns the multidisciplinary research conducted on the NorthTheatre of Hierapolis in Phrygia (south-western Turkey), built in the 2nd cent. ADand collapsed because of an earthquake in the third quarter of the 4th cent. AD.A systematic analysis and topographical survey of the remains of the Theatre wereperformed, and plan of the building was integrated into the digital archaeologicalmap of the city. These data were combined with those from the geological study ofthe site (characterized by landslides) and from the geophysical prospecting (magnetometryand GPR) carried out in the area of the scaena and in the space between theTheatre and the North Agora. The integration with the data acquired during fieldworks conducted also along the Early-Byzantine city walls (where numerous marbleand travertine seats of the Theatre were re-used) allowed the virtual reconstructionof the monument into the original shape of the site by means of 3D photomodellingtechniques.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteΠολυμάθεια. Studi Classici offerti a Mario Capasso
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2018

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