Incompiute città di Palermo

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In the theme of unfinished ideas of possible cities will recognize the connotative paradigm of the evolution of Palermo will be recognised along a thousand year path of transformational processes none of which was completed, by virtue of the distinctive value of exemplum that does not require additional and conclusive demonstrations. e course of history has moreover imposed on Palermo a cyclical recurrence of broken destinies. is was evidence of the invention of the capital city, that of the “geometric square and the cross roads” superimposed on the archetypal underpinning of Pan-ormos as a place of exchange. And incompleteness will be the hallmark of the city of the nineteenth century straight roads heading towards unde ned destinations, the symptomatic expression of the idea of a preordained e ect of suspension. Similarly unfinished will be the Palermo of the redevelopment plans in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, up to the shapeless development of the contemporary city and the new arterial routes (the Circonvallazione), manifestations of further “Palermo as abstraction” ever more distant from “Palermo as places”. A city ultimately characterized by continuous metamorphoses, replacement of values, absorptions, oblivion and cultural desecration. From this distance one can indeed observe Palermo from a marginal and peripherical point of view as regards its urban limits, opening up a different prospect, penetrating and maybe even superior, able to understand facts and phenomena in depth.
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