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Background: The incidence of psychotic disorders varies in different geographicalareas (McGrath 2004). Recent data suggest that the incidence ishigher in males, migrant minorities and in urban areas. There aren’t manyavailable epidemiological data on the incidence of psychotic disorders inItaly. This is the first incidence study on psychotic disorders carried out inPalermo, the capital of Sicily.Methods: we screened all patients presenting with their first episode ofpsychosis to the mental health services of our catchment area (5 inpatient,5 outpatient units and 3 private psychiatric hospitals) over a period ofthree years (2008-2011). The diagnosis of psychosis was defined using theSchedules for Clinical Assessment in Neuropsychiatry (SCAN Wing, J. K., etal., 1990).The main socio-demographic data were collected using the MRCSocial Data Schedule. When subjects were not available (did not consent)for interview, information was collected from clinical notes. The populationat risk referred to the people aged from 18-65 who were resident inthe same catchment area (Palermo Municipality) in the period considered,according to the data of the Statistic Office of Palermo Municipality).Results: we identified 216 patients affected by a first episode of psychosis(FEP): 135 M (62.5%) and 81 F (37.5%), mean age 31.42 years (SD: 11.44).77.1% of FEP had a diagnosis of non affective psychosis, 12.8% of affectivepsychosis and 10.1% received a diagnosis of other psychosis. 204 subjectswere Caucasian, 12 non Caucasian belonging to various ethnicities and theywere all first generation migrants (4 Indian, 3 African, 2 Bangladeshi, and3 Mixed). Population at risk is 425.194 people. The mean age of onsetwas lower in men than women M: 29.98 years (SD: 10.41) vs. F: 34.28(SD:12.64) (p=0.013)The incidence of psychotic disorders in our catchmentarea is 16,9 per 100.000 person years. It was higher in men 21,9 per 100.000than women 12,2 per 100.000.Discussion: Our study is the first epidemiological study in Sicily investigatingthe incidence of psychotic disorders. In our population men have a higherincidence of psychotic disorders than women and an earlier age of onset.
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