Incidence of grapevine moth Lobesia botrana (Den. & Schif.) on occurrence of ochratoxin A in grapes

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Observations were carried out in an organic vineyard (cv malvasia di candia), at salemi(sicily), during 2006-2007, in order to verify the influence of grapevine moth lobesia botrana (den. &amp;schif.) on presence of ochratoxin a (ota) in bunches at harvest time. a percentage of 12.98% of buncheswere attacked by grape moth during 2006, while 8.65% of them were infected by grey mould and sourbunch rot (5.77% and 2.88% respectivelly). analyses carried out on 12.98% infested bunches, showeda level of 20 μg/kg of ota, while on intact samples 0.04 μg/kg of toxin was registered.During 2007, infestation of bunches by grape moth was very low (2.05%), due to the particularclimatic conditions, and no infections by grey mould and sour bunch rot were registered at harvesttime. analyses on 2.05% infested bunches by l. botrana showed a presence of 0.055 μg/kg of ota,while no detectable presence of toxin was registered on intact bunches (<0.014 μg/kg). two aspergillusspecies were recorded in 2007: the most representative was aspergillus fumaricus wehm (86%) whichis not considered the producer of ota, while 14% was aspergillus fonsecaeus (thom &amp; raper)considered as the probably producer of the toxin.
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