Incómodas. Los personajes femeninos en la narrativa de Marta Portal.

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We propose a study about two female characters (primarily aboutthe protagonists) in Marta Portal’s narrative, related to the theme ofthe fragmented, hidden and sleepless self is offered. The autofiction 270which delineates each text of the authoress can be found in manycharacters; these last acts starting from a deep and not always calmprocess to themselves. The narrative ways used by the authoress,always coinciding with the narrative voice which speaks from aweak point of view to an only corner of observation, define theindividual character of histories exploring the limits (ethical,professional, social, amorous) of a woman who, because of manyreasons, sets herself apart, at the edge of the society, both physicallyand mentally. In general, the authoress hasn’t received a bigcriticism and she has been progressively forgotten. Nevertheless, herliterature belongs to a time of profound transformation for narrativetexts (1966-1983); it is an alteration that, concerning Portal, affectsthe character and connote it with different and peculiar ways, insome cases. So, the self is an entity which deserves an accuratereflection related to themes such as the sexuality, occurred ordesired, social bond, self-control and self-judgment.
Lingua originaleSpanish
Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteDocumentando la memoria cultural: las mujeres en las (auto)narraciones exocanónicas
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2020

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NomeMemoria de Mujer: [MM] | 18

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