Il terremoto del 1823 in Sicilia settentrionale: danni e ricostruzioni

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The March 5, 1823 there was an earthquake that hit much of northern Sicily. Numerous damages occurred in Palermo, in the south west of the capital and surrounding areas, in some Madonie centers and in areas along the coast and the hinterland Tyrrhenian from Palermo to Patti (particularly in Naso). This work is intended to investigate, through the study of the books of contemporary authors to the earthquake, and a copious archival documentation, the ways in which one comparison with the problems caused by the earthquake, the emergency management ofthe harm of successive reconstructions. From framework emerges in particular the systematic character and rationality that characterizes the whole story, which involve some of the most famous exponents of the architectural culture of the time, such as engineers Luigi Speranza, Giuseppe Patti and Alessandro Emmanuele Marvuglia. The capillary action of verification and monitoring of the conditions of the architectural heritage and the consequent consolidation and repair work proposed are proved effectively by analytical frameworks of the damage on the affected towns and numerous expert reports produced on monumental buildings. Emphasis will also attention to the regulatory, through the analysis of the provisions issued by the government, also through a comparison with previous earthquakes, such as that of Palermo of 1726.
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