Il terremoto del 1542 in Val di Noto: i casi di Lentini e Siracusa, dalla gestione dell'emergenza al rinnovamento urbano

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Within the more general framework of the destruction and reconstruction of entire towns or significant parts of them resulting from the earthquake that strongly struck in 1542 the Val di Noto, this paper analyzes two case studies of particular interest and clearly representative of the problems addressed, as well as the strategies and methods of intervention and renewal processes triggered by the destructive event. In the case of Lentini, the events caused by the earthquake facilitate the formulation of a reconstruction project of the entire city on another site, that would also satisfy needs of defensive nature. The opposition encountered at the local level, however, stopped the project, leaving open the military problems until the founding of Carlentini. The documentation and the chronicles collected in the case of Syracuse help to analyze timing and methods of the reconstruction for three distinct typology of building: defensive structures, private houses, monumental buildings and urban spaces, in particular the monumental complex of the cathedral, with its bell towe, and the Archbishop's Palace in the main square of the city.
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