Il Tempio-Duomo di Pozzuoli. Lettura e Progetto

Andrea Sciascia, Pasquale Culotta

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The project presented in the competition for the restoration of the temple-cathedral of Pozzuoli represents an opportunity for research that goes beyond the international competition itself. Indeed, the three co-authors include in the publication, besides survey and design drawings, and other design documents, further details. From different perspectives this material shows the complexity of the topics provided by the competition and the valid reasons to carry on the research. In particular, Andrea Sciascia maintains that the theme of transparency was vital to design such a stratified and fragmented edifice as the temple-cathedral of Pozzuoli, located on the summit of Rione Terra’s promontory. How and what to see of the pre-existences recomposed into a new unit that had to be indissolubly church? The essay written after the project tries to reveal the choices made by the design team (P. Culotta, R. Florio, A. Sciascia), going into the dialectics between literal and phenomenal transparency.
Lingua originaleItalian
EditoreOfficina edizioni
Numero di pagine108
ISBN (stampa)9788860490155
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2007

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