Il senso e il futuro della coscienza individuale nella metafisica di Piero Martinetti

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The article analyses the position of Martinetti (1872-1943) on the survival of the individual soul after death, as presented in his metaphysics and in the light of his main source of inspiration, identified in Plotino's philosophy.Martinetti shows how the relationship between unity and multiplicity is present in man in two different and complementary perspectives: as a fundamental identity in the timeless dimension of the intelligible life of the spirit, and as a dynamic tension in the empirical order of space-time becoming. Both these dimensions are expressed finalistically, attracted by the One that works in them as a power of harmonization and recollection. The One as "Omnitudo Realitatis" is precisely the cornerstone of Martinetti's position on the survival of the individual soul after death: a recollection that takes place in a mysterious way, because it transcends the capacities of the human mind, but which happens with certainty. "We only know this: that what was worth living, will live".
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