Il recupero scolastico dei bambini stranieri. Una ricerca-intervento con il coinvolgimento degli studenti del Corso di Laurea in Scienze della Formazione Primaria.

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It often happens that despite the daily efforts of the teachers, the pupils of the schools in the most deprived areas of the cities experience with severe discomfort the traditional school rhythms, which demonstrate a widespread disengagement for the study activities and often abandon the scholastic path. Although they have sufficient cognitive potential, pupils who are culturally and socially disadvantaged can not adapt to the normal patterns of the curriculum-formative proposals, often they come into conflict with the scholastic institution and with the teachers and consequently abandon the educational path. . Foreign pupils require special educational and educational attention, diversified teaching interventions depending on the root causes of their evident scholastic problems and on the basis of the diversity of their validly ascertained potential. The research, included in the PRIN project entitled "Training success, inclusion and social cohesion: innovative strategies, ICT and evaluation models", stems from the idea of creating a training program that allows students of the Degree Course in "Science of Primary Education "to acquire the professional skills necessary to become" street teachers "and consequently support and train" disperse "children, who live in deprived socio-cultural and economic contexts, on the" field "(actually extracurricular educational) to re-enter the scholastic path, to improve the learning and to acquire the basic competences in every single discipline, thus contributing to the integral development of their person so that they can become future active and responsible citizens.
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