Il ‘proprium quaestionis crimen’ e la strategia difensiva nella Pro Caelio di Cicerone

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The paper proposes a revised analysis of the speech, which was delivered by Cicero on behalf of Marcus Caelius. Numerous studies have shown the importance of the rhetorical aspects of this speech. The aim of this analysis is to examine its legal aspects. Firstly, many sources containing abundant evidence regarding the causae de vi ex lege Plautia will be examined in order to identify, among the many allegations made by opponents of this causa, those for which Caelius ex lege Plautia was responsible. Secondly, having identified the ex lege Plautia charges, the defensive strategy, which is specifically aimed at defending Caelius from the charge of Dione’s murder, will be thoroughly analysed. The purpose of this analysis is to demonstrate that Cicero obtained the acquittal of Caelius because he was able to prove that the charges, which were connected to the mors Dionis, the crimen auri and the crimen de veneno, were unfounded. Cicero was also able to summarize all of the allegations into one piece of evidence: the ambiguity of the role of Clodia as a witness.
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