Il Progetto per le acque del parco sud di Milano

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The history of the cities shows as disinterest towards suburbs and bad government produced degradation in all the Countries of the planet. The project - Energy of the Memory - is located into the Agricultural Park in the south area of Milan. The project integrates the secular witness of the farms into the landscape by raising awareness of the generations for the culture of safeguard of the park, and for a cutting-edge production. Within this “geographic restoration” there is the integration of a matrix energy linked to water. The project gives indications of territorial policy and involves the re-use of architectural and hydric systems, with a new vocation for workshops and ecoterritorial museums. The project, funded through the production of clean energy, aims to become a research center for energy technology. Small and timely interventions, scattered and culturallyincorporated, could produce gains in both environmental and economic, as well as employment and cultural activities. A better future for a magnificent territory, starting from what already exists, imagining a possible world, made of new energy and old memories.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2013

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