Il piano di gestione dei boschi demaniali del Comune di Bivona (Provincia di Agrigento)

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The area of the Sicani Mountains is one of the districts in which the greater extension of conifer reforestations of western Sicily has been realized, as part of the policy for territorial safeguard against hydrogeological instability launched by the State and continued by the Region. The qualitative situation of these stands is poor due to several reasons: frequent fires, excessive grazing, great fragmentation of natural habitats, lack of adequate forestry. These considerations clearly show the need of more adequately knowing and managing these forests through the realization of Forest Management Plans, the operational – practical planning tool par excellence, that allows to analyse the forest area in all its components and to divide it into cultural units (parcel) according to some objective criteria. For each parcel specific management prescription are defined.This paper describes the results of the implementation of a forestry biomass management plan for the state-owned forests of the municipality of Bivona (AG), realized within the scope of the European PROFORBIOMED project. The goals of this plan were mainly two: the renaturalization of reforestations and the estimation of biomass to be destined to power production, available and obtainable from the silvicultural operations envisaged in the plan. These interventions mainly consist in thinning cuts carried out on the artificial conifer forests in order to increase their structural stability and favour the affirmation and development of natural regeneration.The results obtained have highlighted the possibility to implement a short supply chain for the use of residual woody biomass for power production, allowing for the economic promotion of a resource that cannot have a more profitable use, given the poor technological qualities of the wood. The implementation of a biomass exploitation system would obviously have some important social and economic consequences for the local communities, apart from the invaluable advantages for the forest ecosystems. The model developed for the territory of Bivona could be taken as a reference for drafting other management plans and possible short local chains in other Sicilian and Mediterranean territorial contexts.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteGestione sostenibile delle foreste Mediterranee e uso energetico delle biomasse forestali residuali
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