Il paradigma mafioso dentro il modello della criminalità organizzata

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Questioning about the mafia method means dealing with the different definitions that have been provided about the mafia, in a perspective that can only be comparative and diachronic. In fact, neither the different variations of the criminal organizational model in the different territorial contexts, nor its evolution over time, nor the changes that have occurred with the expansion of the international scenario and with the birth of the so-called "new mafias" can be ignored.It is therefore necessary to verify the elements of mutation found in the major mafia criminal organizations operating in Italy; on the one hand, by pushing attention to international scenarios and, on the other, by noting the processes of contextual modification of internal organizational structures, inspired by the needs of a more flexible criminal network system. Remaining within the scope of the definition, it is necessary to broaden our gaze further, observing how the variability of the extension of the mafia model to other "similar" criminal organizations depends - in turn - on a more or less broad definition of the concept of illegality.Observed through the prism of the mafia paradigm, from a constructivist and reflective point of view, the study of organized crime highlights the close link between the delimitation of the "criminal field" (and the clash of powers on which it is based) and the of its illegal dimensions: in the analysis of experts, in daily life as well as in the adoption of different law enforcement policies.
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