Il paesaggio urbano disegnato attraverso le tipologie edilizie. Studio di alcuni centri della Sicilia.

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Sicily is a territory characterized by historical and natural events which had, in time, strongly influenced the develop of its urban centres and building typologies.We have today many example of old town centres which preserve original characteristic structure, still clear although the changes become during the centuries.The earthly morphology, the climate and the availability of materials influenced the constructive techniques too.The paper illustrates same studied cases of Sicilian old town, located in different part of the territory and so different in materials, urban structure and building typologies.We considered them particularly interesting for the strong link which exist between the urban landscape and the develop of the town, together with the develop of building typologies .These centres drew the surrounding land and territory, with specific and sometimes unique elements, which knowledge is indispensable for the preservation of this historical, urbanistic and architectonical property.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2009

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