Il metodo del confronto: un laboratorio di idee per il recupero della centrale termoelettrica “Tifeo” di Augusta

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This essay exposes a research work around the themes of the "restoration of the Modern" applied to the recovery of the Augusta thermoelectric power plant, valuable work by Giuseppe Samonà. This research was developed within the Doctorate in Architectural Design of Palermo, thanks to a memorandum of understanding signed by ENEL. The methodological assumptions of the research are based on the coincidence between restoration and project and on the awareness that the experience of the architectural project (even more if implemented on the body of already existing quality architectures) is a decisive factor of knowledge and that only by putting the artefact to the test of the project, it is possible to acquire (from the designer and from the client) a wide awareness of the potential and quality (sometimes not entirely explicit) which is kept in architectural works like this. With a view to a possible restoration, which is both virtuous and ethically sustainable, the final horizon will consist in identifying a "just measure" of the intervention with respect to the discriminant use, putting the reasons for conservation into proper balance with those of the life.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteLa domanda di Architettura. Le Risposte del Progetto
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2018

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