Il Mediterraneo come luogo dell'accoglienza: l'esperienza di Lampedusa e Pozzallo

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Through a research process, this essay wants to analize places with a strong architectural and landscape value. All these areas are affected by migration events in the Mediterranean.Scare in the middle of the land the Mediterranean1 had always continuous migration flows, movements of human energies and different cultural identities. All these things created new cultural expressions, that are formalized in the buildings of Tunis, Kairouan, Algiers, Marseille, etc. In these cities architecture had a dominant role, it’s permeated by a local implication and a relationship with the West. The Mediterranean is full of complexities due to the movements of different identities, to human fluxes that leave traces in the places, this contamination generates complex relationship between landscape2 and architecture. Mare Nostrum3 for millennia has been a place of complex relationships, a crossroads of cultures, ethnicities and religions, today it’s a place of death of thousands of people escaping from the places of war for a better future. This study starts from my own teaching experience in Africa (in particular in Tunisia and Syria), it was for me the occasion to know areas of the Arab medinas, the way of living them and especially the knowledge of their history: connections that have generated the different urban forms. After this first period I have been interested in migration flows from North Africa to Sicily: starting from the first landing on Lampedusa and then along the coast of Sicily, I did my teaching experience applying rules of existing cities and designing a new collective way living based on multi-ethnicity. Starting from these premises, it is important to re-read the way of living through a recognition of the value of the places with their own tracks and their coexistence, experimenting new forms of living together. At the same time in these places living is conceived for a multi- ethnic society, with the plurality of cultures that we certainly suggest different forms of lives identity as in my teaching experience in Lampedusa, Porto Empedocle and Pozzallo, where it reads the various urban plots. Lampedusa is the first landing place of the Mediterranean, it is the expression places of these forms of coexistence. It is itself the excellence place of acceptance and inclusion of people escaping from war places after crossing the Mare Nostrum. To today, this phenomenon has exploded investing the cities of the Sicilian coast4: Pozzallo, Pachino, Agrigento, Siracusa, Catania, Trapani, Messina, Augusta, are continuous places of landings as the Calabrian coast. We have tried to find a rensponse5 to these problems: a line of research that designs architectures highlighting the visual identity of the place and that are able able to build an idea of the city full of human solidarity, integration and tolerance: a mosaic respects the rights of men.
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