Il medico Burzoe e la confluenza del sapere nel Libro di Kalila e Dimna

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The introduction to the Book of Kalila and Dimna, a text that has come to us in Arabic thanks to the version of Ibn al-Muqaffa '(d. 139 h./756 AD) presents the character of Burzoe. In this studyBurzoe and his trip to India are taken into consideration. The journey as such, on the other hand, represents the means by definition which civilizations cooperate and coexist. In the literary field it presents itself as a real topos that unfolds in various ways. In the case of the Book of Kalila e Dimna we are faced with an example of travel that at first glance it would seem definable as a worldly experience oriented towards a goal. The main character during the move will move to a designated place, obstacles may certainly arise, but the proposed goal will guide it by maintaining itadamant in the pursuit of its purpose.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteCoesistenza e Cooperazione nel Medioevo. In memoriam Leonard E. Boyle (1923-1999)Atti del IV Congresso Europei di Studi Medievali della FIDEM, Palermo, 23-27 giugno 2009.
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