Il linguaggio dell'identità. Modelli discorsivi di rappresentazione dei confini nell'Atlante linguistico della Sicilia (ALS)

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The aim of the paper is to investigate the complex web of relationships betweenlanguage and identities. In particular, the paper focuses on the role that linguisticscould play in mediating between language policies and concrete speakers’discourse practices. In this perspective, in the first part, we briefly show how theconcept of identity has been developed by linguists during the past century andsince the birth of the 21st. The second part deals with the models which may beemployed in order to represent and explain speakers’ identity. For this purpose, wewill discuss the experience of the Linguistic Atlas of Sicily (ALS), showing boththe theoretical and methodological issues and the analytical solutions.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2017

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