Il futuro della politica nella coscienza delle nuove generazioni

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The “political question”, which in time of uncertainty is more and more lived out and seen as something alien and apart from the day to day life, it is actually a kind of question that presents itself as a very complex one, if viewed from the youth’s prospective, or the so called “children of the disenchantment”, which show distrust toward the political institutions, seen as untrustable and avoidable anyway. Therefore is it still conceivable, in time of globalization, to teach and educate the young persons for the concern of the common good? How to raise a politics of the youths aimed to their liberation? These are questions that today, in the time of post-modern age, require a pedagogical solution; to educate the youths to a new politics implies an inseparable dialectical relationship between pedagogy and politics. The Politics is much more valued in the light of a “pedagogy of the awakening” that gives hope in the construction of a new way of living together in the world. Only an awaken political consciousness give chance for finding again the trust for the relationship to the other. It is about promoting a deep and radical change through educational practices for raising the individual and the collective consciousness, for a kind of awakening , in the sense of “ a birth of each individual to the uniqueness of his own personal being”. To be able to transform the young audience of spectators and consumers in active and conscious citizens. It is essential to come back to the original meaning of politics as something for the polites, for a citizen no more identified with the State-Nation, but open to include the entire globe. It is about an education based on a planetary citizenship, open and responsible, not anymore confined to the old civic mindedness within the Nation- State, but promoting an universalistic attitude for concern and care of the common good. To educate for a new political citizenship implies, ideed, the mutual recognition of the different identities and finally to educate a new generation to be more aware and responsible, to regain the human sense of living together , to give birth to a planetary consciousness and to strengthen the connections between all humans and reinforce the social solidarity.
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