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Andrew Gigante is considered, along with his contemporary Giuseppe Venanzio Marvuglia, exponent of this particular moment of transition.It is during these years that is the opening of the giant to the themes carried out by antibarocca culture that was progressively imposing. The Villa Galletti is the work on which they are direct observations of scholars for a critical judgment on Andrew Gigante neoclassical architect, in fact it is an artifact that, placed in the building's architectural tradition Sicilian nobleman, view the collection for a deep connection with the Italian and European processing.Closed and locked setting, is more related to the drafting of the city Palace, which did not open the villerecce construction features of Palermo. This villa is perhaps the first Baroque cycle with previous shows a deep fracture, both by that concept. To floating and dynamic curves, the grandeur of planimetric, setting the scene for the external staircase that much formal weight had intentions of prospectuses, opposes a linear composition and serene, we could say perhaps a modest one-storey building with a strict internal staircase and a courtyard. It is likely that Giant wanted to make, rather than a country house, a hunting lodge and later was enlarged by the owners themselves; certainly shows that character of city Palace with those same attributes found within the city. Given the state of degradation as well as strong a reconstructive hypothesis of the body down, we proceeded with rendering views, reaching a remarkable degree of possible configuration.
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