Il controllo della sismica a riflessione nella elaborazione dei Fogli Geologici del Progetto CARG nella Sicilia OccidentaleSeismic reflection constraints in the frame of the CARG Project in Western Sicily

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In the frame of the CARG Project, the interpretation of several seismic reflection profiles has provided new important constraints aimed at clarify the deep structural setting of the Central-Western Sicily and the related offshore fold and thrust belt. It has already been envisaged as a tectonic pile mainly made up of deep water Meso-Cenozoic carbonate units overriding a thick stack of Meso-Cenozoic carbonate platform units, detached from their crystalline basement. The data collected, constrained by wells logs, field and stratigraphic data, have improved the knowledge of a complex sector outcropping in the Corleone and Caccamo geologic sheets area. Seismic interpretation displayed the relationships between outcropping and deep-seated tectonic elements, focussing on the occurrence of a variable structural organization in the different sectors of the study area.
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