Il contributo delle tecnologie digitali per la valorizzazione del patrimonio rupestre pugliese

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The essay concerns the recent work carried out as part of a multidisciplinary research on some rocky churches in the southern Apulia, conducted in collaboration with the Chair of History of Medieval Art of the University of Salento and of the University of Bari. The work aims at the knowledge and the monitoring of the fresco paintings inside three rocky environments, two of which are located in Lama d’Antico, in Fasano (BR), and the other two in Vaste di Poggiardo and Giurdignano (LE). The contribution illustrates methods and data acquired during the fieldwork, carried out through a multidisciplinary approach. From the image-based Techniques for the survey in Camera-Scanner to the restitution of 3D models of the surfaces; from the virtual survey of paintings to the realization of a stereoscopic platform of fruition QVTR-based aimed at the visualization and the enhancement of the Apulian rocky heritage. All data were obtained through low cost technologies and processed in relatively short times, about two months, divided between fieldwork and processing in laboratory.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2016

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